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Sub – Zero Frequantly Asked Questions and Answers:
Q: How often should I vacuum my Sub -Zero condenser and how should I do?
A: Every 3 to 6 months. It is important to clean the condenser for overall cooling functions.
Q: How should I clean the Sub-Zero’s stainless steel exterior?
A: Use a soft non abrasive stainless steel cleaner product. Make sure to apply the product to a soft 100% lint free cloth. And for the finish touch you can use a water dampened microfiber cloth.
Q:What is the plastic arm in the ice bucket?
A: This arm senses the level of ice in the bucket. Let your ice maker know when to turn off and on.
Q:Can I cover the glass of Sub- Zero on my unit with a solid panel?
A: No you cannot. This can damage your product by creating moisture behind the panel.
Q:How do I clean the interior of my product?
A: Wash the interior with a mild solution of soap and warm water with a small portion of baking soda. Caution: do not use vinegar, and avoid getting water on the display panel and lights.
Q: Why is my Sub-Zero fridge door hard to open?
A: When you close the door a vacuum seal is created. This design was created to have the unit seal tight and keep everything fresh. After a short period of time that your closed the door, try again and it should be less difficult.
Q: The ice in my Fridge is clumping together. Why?
A: If you don’t use the ice regularly then it tends to clump together. You may need to let the ice melt and wait for it to replenish.


Sub zero refrigerators are the best coolers technology has ever offered us; they are automatic knowing how to set the temperatures right just so they keep our food in the perfect condition 24/7. An additional pizzazz to them is the cool ice maker that always has ice cubes ready just whenever you are looking forward to a cool drink.
As a NYC based Sub Zero Repair Company, We are handling many repairs in New York and Brooklyn and encounter with all of the problems that occur with those units.
But here’s the nightmare; despite the many technological ideas employed just to keep it in perfect shape, it is prone to breakdown once in a while. And nothing is sad as a cooler that is out of order, it is impossible to fathom the idea of buying food all over again if the local handy man doesn’t show up in the nick of it.
However, you don’t have to go on panic mode whenever your sub-zero cooler stops working. You can be the superhero if you learn how to prevent the common fridge problems that leads to its malfunctioning. One of these problems is fan motor breakdowns. The fan motors are located near the condenser and evaporator coils which blow away the hot air from the freezer compartments to cool food. If the fan motors are completely damaged, you will have to replace them with new ones. You can source the best replace procedures from web pages; an alternative is repair journals and magazines. On the other hand, the fan motors can be jammed though dirt built up or the lubricant running dry. These are easy quick-fix solutions. Keeping the fans oiled maintains the fan revolutions; the dirt is prevented if you maintain a clean fridge on a regular basis.
Fan motor problems can be detected whenever the sub zero cooler goes warm. Another possible cause of a warm cooler is the condenser coils being blocked by the same dirt build up. The condenser coils are located at the top of the freezer compartment or at the bottom. The condenser coils can be kept clean and maintained that way by using special condenser coil brushes. These brushes are specially made to clean out the clogs while maintaining the condenser coil surfaces in good shape.
The best secret to maintaining a proper functioning sub zero cooler is by cleaning the inside components once a year. This will include completely removing the protective grate panels both at the front and back of the fridge to expose the fans and the coils. With the special brush scrubbing gently at the coils maintains them clean and effective in their functioning. The fans can be properly cleaned using a vacuum cleaner; doing this once per year will guarantee you will never have fan or condenser coil problems for a long time.
The best maintained sub zero refrigerator always has the door seals cleaned to prevent any dirt built up. Dirt is a number one cause of the fridge doors not closing properly; this in turn lets the cool air escape which eventually undermines the cooling process. This problem is kept at bay by wiping the door seals with warm soapy water once in a while. Make sure you also wipe the area the doors close to the fridge body as well.
This one repair and maintenance solution can be done by just about anyone who experiences fridge troubles; keeping just enough food in the fridge to allow cooling to take place. Well it might be assumed that sub zero coolers can take up as much food as the user desires and still function properly. The truth is an over stocked fridge can prevent the cool air from circulating through the compartments. The result is a cooler that freezes only the food next to the fridge walls while the food at the center goes stale. Keeping the fridge from being overstocked is the only repair solution here. A quicker way to ensure this is by always buying just enough food and making sure you use all the available food before bringing in new stock.
Maintaining and cleaning your fridge everyday keeps breakdowns at bay by a cool 90%! This means you don’t have to call in a handyman or rake through the internet for DIY troubleshoot solutions if only you clean your fridge. This automatically maintains the components and the resulting outcome is a fridge free from breakdowns.